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Lavender Zine

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"Lavender" is a 30-page zine dedicated to Drake's 4th studio album, released October 2014. It's said to be his "808s," if you will—a pivotal and highly divisive work, though certainly the most quintessentially "Drake" release yet. The book contains a sample of its critical reception, ranging from the highest praise to sheer mockery, as well as a never before seen glimpse into Drake's world while recording the album. You'll find rare glimpses inside his suite in the Yolo Estates, peeks at his laptop dashboard, scraps from his personal notebook, behind the scenes video shoot footage, and more.

All original illustrations by Meaghan Garvey. Writing from The Kid Mero, David Turner, Drew Millard, Grace Gordon, Kyle Kramer, Bauce Sauce, Crystal Leww, Matt Ramirez, and Brandon Soderberg.

30 pages, 8.5" x 11", b&w on lavender. Curated and compiled with love.